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Government of West Bengal Backward Classes Welfare Department APPLICATION FOR SIKSHASHREE SCHOLARSHIP TO SC / ST STUDENT STUDYING IN CLASS V TO VIII NEW/ RENEWAL Entitlement Card No. Full Name of Applicant In BLOCK Letter Shri / Kumari. Name of Father/Mother/Guardian. Sex M F 4. Date of Birth. / /. 5. Tele No* if any. a Caste SC / ST b Sub-Caste. Permanent Address House No*/ Village/ Para/ Road One Passport size Photo with selfsignature thereon duly attested to be pasted here and other...
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1. Name of Husband / Husband's name ? * . Name of Wife / Wife's name ? 3. Name of Brother / Brother's name . Name of Sister / Sister's name? (In BLOCK Letter) 4. Name of Mother / Mother's name? (In Block Letter) 5. Name of Father / Father's name ? * * * . * * * . * * * 6. Name of Grand-Father / Grand-Father's name? * * ? * 7. Age of Applicant: * * * * * * 8. Address of Applicant: * * * * * * * * * * * * 9. Residency : * * * * * * * * * * * * * 10. Date of Birth : * * * * * * * * * * 11. Date of Marriage : * * * * * * * * * * * ** 12. Reason for Marriage: (In blocks) i. Marriage on account of disability : (Block) ii. Marriage on account of mutual consent : (Block) iii. Marriage on account of mutual consent : (Block) iv. Marriage on account of sickness : (Block) v. Marriage on account of mutual consent : (Block) vi. Marriage on account of marriage : (Block) vii. Marriage on account of personal enmity and friction: (Block) viii. Marriage on account of temporary disability : (Block) ix. Marriage on account of temporary disability : (Block) x. Marriage on account of natural calamities : (Block) * Date of Birth may be earlier than the date of the application. No. No. * Date of marriage no. M/O. Address of applicant (In square bracket) Name of Father / Mother/Guardian Name of Father / Mother? Name of Husband / Husband's name Date of Marriage Age Date of Birth Address of father / Mother / Guardian Residence Address of father / Mother / Guardian Residence Address of father / Mother / guardian Residence. Residence, SIKHSHASH. BONA. RANDA. Name of Husband / Husband's name Date of Marriage Age Date of Birth Address of father / Mother / Mother's name Residence Address of father / Mother / guardian Residence Residence. Residence, SIKHSHASH. BONA. RANDA. Date of birth of father / Mother / Guardian. Date of birth of husband / Mother. Residence, SIKHS

Application for Sikshashree Scholarship to SC/ST Student Studying in Class V to VIII

Who uses the Application for Sikshashree Scholarship to SC/ST Student Studying in Class V to VIII?

A schedule caste or schedule tribe student studying in class V to VIII in the West Bengal who wants to receive a scholarship needs to use the Application for Sikshashree Scholarship (the Application).

What is the purpose of the Application?

The purpose of the Application is to apply for a Sikshashree Scholarship.

What documents must be submitted with the Application?

The student must submit the following documents along with the Application:

  • Aadhaar card;

  • Parents income certificate;

  • Caste certificate;

  • School certificates;

  • Bank account details;

  • Residential certificate; and

  • Passport size photos.

What information should be provided?

The applicant must provide the following information:

  • Applicant’s full name;

  • Father’s/mother’s/guardian’s name;

  • Gender;

  • Date of birth;

  • Telephone number;

  • Caste and sub-caste;

  • Permanent address;

  • Particulars regarding father/mother/guardian who supports the applicant (name, occupation, address);

  • Bank details (name of the bank, S.B. account number, IFSC code, MICR);

  • Name and address of the institution, class of study, and actual date of joining the class;

  • Information about the scholarship received in the previous year (amount, scholarship name, other details);

  • Application for any other scholarship; and

  • Annual gross family income from all sources.

The student and one of their parents or the guardian sign the Application.

Where do I send the Application?

The students submits the Application to the school where they study.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing sikshashree
Instructions and Help about sikshashree scholarship form
Welcome to the University of Michigan-Flint's 2015-2016 Scholarship Application video. Following the steps demonstrated in this video will allow you to apply for scholarships quickly and easily. First, there is some important information to keep in mind. The application currently available, for example, applies to the Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 semesters. You must also fill out the Scholarship Application each year in order to be considered for scholarships that are not automatically renewable. This will allow you to be considered for over 200 scholarships. However, you must make sure you submit your application on time. Undergraduate students should submit the application during Phase I by Feb. 14th, and graduate students may submit the application during Phase II no later than June 1st. It is suggested, though, that grad students submit the application by Feb. 14th to ensure that they may be considered for scholarships that are available to both grad and undergrad students. Begin by opening your preferred web browser and navigating to www.umflint.edu/finaid. This will take you to the University of Michigan-Flint's Office of Financial Aid website. Scroll down on this page until you see a link to the 2015-2016 Scholarship Application. Click the quot;more” link to apply. This will prompt you to sign in to SIS. Simply enter your unique and LAN password, then click “Login”. You will now be taken to the 2015-2016 Scholarship Application. This application consists of five steps: You will first be asked to respond to questions — those questions primarily require either a yes or no response. You will then need to submit a personal statement that reflects your merits and educational goals. Next, you will be asked to submit additional documentation as required by various scholarships. Finally, you will need to review the scholarship application agreement before submitting the application. Click quot;Begin Your Application” to begin. First, read the brief application agreement and click the checkbox to indicate that you agree to the terms. Click quot;Begin application” to proceed. You will then be presented with a set of primary questions that require your response. Click quot;Continue” on each page to fill out additional questions. If you need to review previously answered questions to ensure you entered the responses correctly, simply click the quot;Previous” button on each page. Once you've answered all primary questions, click quot;Continue to Step 2" to proceed to the Secondary Questions. Another set of Secondary Questions will be presented which are unique to certain scholarships, so you are urged to complete those as well. Keep in mind that the Secondary Questions likely will require students to possess unique characteristics; for example, you may need to be a member of an organization or express your desire to pursue a certain profession. This is personal information that isn't typically available without your acknowledgment of such. Click the...


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